Icing Smiles…

A few months ago, trough a fellow baker, I learned about this great organization called Icing Smiles.  After checking out their website, and learning all they do to provide children battling diseases with free birthday cakes, I didn’t even hesitate to sign up, and just a few weeks ago I got my first call to action.

I received the case of Lizette, a little girl with End Stage Renal Disease who wanted a fun Hello Kitty themed cake to celebrate her 9th birthday.  I worked on her cake, like all the other cakes before, making everything from scratch and with the freshest ingredients available.  I was happy with how the cake looked so I packed it all up and headed to the  Children’s Hospital to deliver it.  I wasn’t sure how I would feel seeing kids at the hospital, and undergoing dialysis but I gathered all my courage and went on my way.  When I arrived at the hospital I actually met my client and her family at the waiting room, she was happy and smily but shy, her siblings on the other hand were super excited about the cake.  I also met her nurse, then we all walked to the dialysis room.  There were a few kids there attached to their machines but you really couldn’t see much besides tubes coming from under their covers.  I couldn’t help but thinking how brave those kids are because even now as an adult, I don’t know how I would cope if that was me, or God forbid, my boys.  Seeing the cake come in brought big smiles onto their faces and they started talking about it, and a few nurses joined in too.  By this time, Lizette was in her chair and ready to be hooked up to her machine without even flinching.  We posed for a few pics with the cake, and her family and nurse thanked me again and while I felt bad for leaving, I decided it was time to go before she started her treatment.   I really don’t think I would have handled that well.

I left the hospital feeling good about having had the opportunity to brighten a brave  little girl’s day, and at the same time bad about her being in that situation in the first place.  I am thankful for having this opportunity to give back for all the blessings I have been given and look forward to working with Icing Smiles again.  Here is her cake for you to see…what do you think??

Icing Smiles Cake

Hello Kitty 4 Cake


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