Icing Smiles, Round 2

This week I had the honor to once again work with Icing Smiles in making a little one their dream cake.  I was contacted and of course accepted the call to action.  A few days later, I received the information regarding the recipient and my heart suddenly sank.  I was going to be making a 6th birthday cake for a little boy battling cancer…not only was this heartbreaking on its own, but then I found out his name is Julian, which is also my oldest son’s name, which of course hit close to home.  I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to have a child battle for his life, especially at such a young age.  I began work on his cake and stayed in touch with his mom, who was all too sweet.

The day of the cake pick up, I was excited to meet them and show them the cake, but also nervous as to their reaction and how much emotion I might show.  When they walked through the door though,  all anxiety went out the window.  The mom hugged me, like we were old friends and little Julian…well he could hardly contain his excitement.  They loved the cake and we got to talk for a bit.  Julian, let me tell you, is the sweetest little chatter box you could imagine.  He told me stories about anything and everything.  His mom was so nice and appreciative and I had a great experience once again.

I make these cakes, not for recognition or publicity, but because I truly believe I am soooo blessed and love to be able to give back.  I’m always nervous and hope I don’t get too emotional but each time I am pleasantly surprised with how great I actually end up feeling seeing the smiles on the family’s faces.  I wish I could do more to help other than just bake them a cake but I really believe these positive experiences for them are priceless as well.  Julian-may you kick cancer’s butt and I hope to make your birthday cakes year after year, for a long time.  Please remember how blessed you …we are to have healthy children.

Here is Julian’s dream cake:

Batman Icing Smiles Cake

Batman Icing Smiles Cake


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