How much in advance should I contact you and how much time does it take for the cake to be ready?

I would love as much advance notice as possible, so we can go over the design, flavors, and other aspects of the cake. Please keep in mind that sugar paste flowers and other decorations can take days to dry.  At least a TWO week notice is sufficient when you know exactly what look you are going for.  The cake itself takes a couple of days to take bake and decorate (I try to bake it as late as possible to keep it fresh and moist for your event).

How much does it cost?                   
purple buttercream owl cake

3D Owl Birthday Cake

Pricing is based on how big your cake will be and how much detail and work is required. Each cake is a unique project, but please refer to the Pricing page for more information on typical price ranges.

Do you deliver or do I pick up the cake? Is there a delivery fee?

I can both deliver the cake to your location, or you are more than welcome to pick it up at my house.  Delivery is an added fee depending how far I must travel, but usually not more than $50, unless you are at an out of town location.

I need a homecoming cake for a military member coming back from a deployment. Do you do that?     
welcome back daddy cake, welcome home daddy cake, military homecoming cake

Deployment Homecoming Cake

I would be honored to do a Welcome Home cake for your hero!!  As an Air-Force spouse, I too, have dealt with deployments and the joys of homecomings and understand how exciting that time is. Please contact me for more information.

I would like to talk to you over the phone to discuss the details. Is that possible?

Absolutely. Send me a message with your phone number and let me know the best time to call and I will call you, or you can contact me at (318) 599-1619, Mon-Fri/8am-7pm.

My question isn’t answered here. Where can I ask a new question?

You can either send me a private message through the contact form or contact me on Facebook.


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